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So glad you have found us. We are a nomadic family of 9 travelling Australia with our six daughters, and our one son and forever missing our precious daughter Serenity who went to be with Jesus at 13 hours old on 12 March 2011. Her short life has changed our lives forever! As we travel we perform at shows, festivals and fundraisers with our dogs, help out on farms and also sell handmade woodcraft, dog collars, leads and capes. We are also doTERRA wellness advocates. Follow our joys and trials here.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Operation Oil Change

It’s a horrible feeling when you are driving along at night and you turn on the light to check your speed (the dash light doesn’t work) and you notice the oil pressure gauge is doing a dance then staying up at maximum, then dropping to normal, then dancing, rising, dancing then dropping.

We drove to the nearest free camp and stopped the night.  Did some research the next day and decided the most likely problem was old oil.

A couple of days later we drove to the nearest town (Gladstone, QLD) and went searching for an oil filter.  Easy task, eh?  Well, no!  We arrived in town at around 10:30 and finally found a place that may be able to order one in by around 5 pm!  That night we did some more sleuthing and found that they were quite hard to get in Aussie, but easy in USA.  Decided to go with the local parts place (Maxiparts) to hopefully get it quicker as we didn’t want to drive the bus much more and risk damage to the engine.

We rang them early in the morning then waited ALL DAY for them to call us back!  Finally on Friday afternoon after several calls to them, we got one ordered – from Darwin. 

And so we waited!  We parked up next to the Junior Sports Grounds and waited for someone to come tell us to move!  (No one did)


Late Monday afternoon, we got the phone call saying the filter had arrived!  We asked if they could deliver it out to us, which they did at no extra charge – or maybe that was included in the $40 freight charge from Darwin!

First thing Tuesday morning we got onto the oil change only to find the bungs were done up so tight they would not move at all!  We spent a frustrating day trying to get someone with the proper tools to come and help.  We thought about syphoning it out, then someone on facebook suggested it too.

So now it’s Wednesday!  We take a walk to the local Supercheap Auto and purchase a hand syphon and set to work on emptying the oil sump. 


We ended up removing the filler pipe to make our job easier.


Our next challenge was to remove the old filter.  We banged a screwdriver though the bottom to use as leverage and hit it with the hammer!  It didn’t want to come off at all!  Finally we noticed a minuscule movement!  The cheer brought out some of kids to have a look!


Once the filter was off it was a relatively easy job.  We bought some ultra black silicone gasket maker as the old one round the filler plug was shot!


Once it was all put back together, we filled the new filter with oil, filled the sump with oil and hoped and prayed that we’d fixed the oil pressure problem!


After dinner we took The Odyssey for a spin, and the she ran like a well oiled machine!! What a relief!

Meanwhile Jireh ….


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Friday the 13th

At least once a year we like to put together a video of a day in our life.  This year we choose Friday 13th June to be that day!

Follow this LINK  or click on the picture to see what we did on Friday 13th!


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Humorous Answers to Common Questions

We were inspired by another travelling family when they posted on facebook some answers to questions they regularly get asked.  Here are the questions and our (tongue-in-cheek) answers.


    1. Are they all yours?  Of course not, we pick them up as we travel.
    2. Are there any twins?  Not as far as we know.
    3. Don’t you have a television?  Nope! We got sick of not being able to get reception so we sold it.
    4. Do you have a house to go back to?  Nope, houses are way over-rated!
    5. Did you win lotto? Yes, um, No, actually didn’t even buy the ticket!
    6. Do you home school?  Nope, the kids do fly in fly out schooling!
    7. Bet the bus goes through some fuel!  Nope, it runs on the smell of an oily rag, oh, hang on, that’s the rag from mopping up the oil leaks!
    8. How do you make a living?  Dole bludgers and government handouts and sending the kids to work!


Hope the post brightened your day.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Quick Round Up and a Video

It’s been a very busy few weeks for us.  After the Gympie Show and RSPCA Million Paws walk we headed off to Springsure for the show there.  It was not as straight forward as we’d hoped.

Had a great trip as far as Rockhampton where we stopped for a pantry restock before we headed away from the coast and decent shopping!

We left Rockhampton later than planned but wanted to make Duringa so we could stop for a couple of days before heading to the show.  We drove about 60 km’s before we lost all power to the accelerator and glided to a halt on the edge of a very fast though not busy road.  We put out our warning triangles and then lifted the floor to check the engine … there was fuel on top of the engine and none in the tank!

We didn’t have to wait long before a friendly motorist pulled up and asked what was wrong.  When they found we were out of fuel, they siphoned some out of their tank and put it in ours!  They wouldn’t even accept any money for it!

Not knowing how long the fuel would last we decided to make the first safe stopping place and spend the night.

It was not a fun night at all … with road trains driving past about 2 meters away going 100 km’s an hour!  The bus would rock with every truck!

In the morning, Mike hitched a ride to the nearest town to get 20 L of fuel and some drinking water (in case we had to stay another night out of town).  They guy who picked him up also bought him back with a chocolate bar for each of the kids!

After putting the 20L into the tank we drove the remaining 20 k’s or so to “town”.  There was no one  there to fix the issue as it’s a very small “one horse” town, so we put on what we thought was a temporary fix and drove to the next semi decent town (Emerald).  We limped to the Springsure show then back to Emerald.


As soon as we could we booked the bus in to be looked at by a diesel mechanic who spent about 30 minutes, replaced two washes and said it was fixed and charged us $165!!  We dove to the gas station, filled her up and headed to the playground to exercise the kids and dogs.  Mike lifted the floor only to find the leak was NOT fixed, and was in fact worse!  He phoned the mechanic, told him the problem to which he replied, “we are closing in two minutes and as tomorrow is a public holiday we will not be open till Thursday!!”  I forgot to mention we had to be at a show 600 km’s away by Thursday afternoon to set up ready for the show to start on Friday!

We put a call for help out on our Facebook page and within a short time someone PM’d me saying their dh was a diesel fitter and could come round and take a look in the morning for just the cost of any parts needed!  True to their word they were knocking on our door before I was even up!  It didn’t take him long to FIX the problem.

So with just two day to go we headed off to Winton.  It was a great show and people were very positive. 



Click on the link below to see the video we put together of highlights from our first performance.  The spectators are a bit thin but there we not many people at the show by then … the last performance on the last day was MUCH better. 

Winton Show Video

Monday, 19 May 2014

Fun times

That was one very busy weekend!  Wednesday afternoon we pulled into the Gympie Showgrounds with everyone on a high ready for the show to start in the morning.  We tried to organise everyone for an early night but with adrenalin running high this was not easy task!  I think it was nearer 9pm before the younger ones were settled … only to be up at 7.30 am wondering when we were going to the show!
Gympie Show by night 2014

Thursday was a quite day, getting the dogs accustomed to the sights and sounds of the show (again) and checking out the sights and sounds for ourselves.  The Aussie FMX were a big hit, especially for Mr 4 whose highlight of the whole show was getting a high five from the O G (Old Guy) of the FMX team!
Friday we relaxed some of the day, resting the dogs in preparation for the high jump.  As usual they called the dogs in at 4pm, and then they had to sit and wait (and listen to the grating voice of the MC/commentator who over used the words “Thank you very kindly”) and to pass the time the kids counted the times he used those words!  (26 times in about 3 hours).  They are planning on changing the system next year which will hopefully mean less time sitting round in the sun waiting.
After waiting almost an hour and a half they called the dogs in to the main ring and the jumping started!  As always there is another dog there (called Dougie) who can jump over 9 ft and is just too good taking out first prize for three years running!  When it all came down to the line, it was between Sparkie and Tess for 2nd and 3rd place.  Sparkie took out third, then the rain started (which is why there are no still photo’s of this event) so they gave Tess one more jump which she couldn’t do it so they called it.  The prize for 2nd place was a ribbon and $150 and $50 for third place!
Saturday saw us up early and heading over for the Novelty Dog competition!  This is our 6th year competing and winning prizes, so it was no surprise that the girls and dogs came away with a good portion of the prize pool. 
Third in Best Child Handler 2014

The highlight this year was Suzanna (age 6) who came in third in Best Child Handler running Tess.


Jasmine and Sparkie, Best Tricks, Gympie Show 2014

Chana and Lassie best trick gypmie show 2014

Chana and Lassie, Best Trick, Gympie Show 2014

More results and pictures are up on the Superdogs Facebook Page.

Sunday was another early start as we headed off for our first Superdog performance of the year at the Gympie RSPCA Million Paws Walk.  As it was raining off and on we didn’t get any photo’s of this event either.  It was a success though and everyone enjoyed it and the dogs all got a free hydro bath so smell great now too.

Next up is the Springsure Show at the end of the month.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we can get some more pics!

Ever tried to write a blog when your three young children are watching a movie (in this case Tangled) right beside you?  Sorry if this is a bit disjointed.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Life as we Know it – Guest Post

Hi! I am thrilled to have this opportunity to swap posts for a day with the fantastic Wheel Education. Reading through their blog was fascinating and painted a vivid picture of a lifestyle that would be unheard of on our little island. I am slightly envious of their opportunities to explore and to learn as they travel!

I am a 40 year old married mum of 4. We've had a tough few years, battling serious illness and accidents which has resulted in a total lifestyle change for us. I started blogging as a way to document our new life.

Circumstances have forced us to move to a more rural location and as an unexpected result we have changed our general outlook on life considerably. Despite our initial fears we can honestly say that it has been a change for the better.

In some ways the way our family live now is reminiscent of my childhood in the 70s. The children have much more freedom to play and explore than they did in our previous home. I've always loved the idea of 'free range' children, of letting them play outside and explore. To allow them to make their own entertainment. Sadly as times and attitudes have changed it seems that these ideas are now somewhat frowned upon.

14 The view from our street
The nearby forest

We now live near to a wonderful forest. The 3 elder children go out and play in the street, at the park or in the forest. Exploring and building dens, quite often free from the beady eyes of their parents. All the children in the neighbourhood play out together and look out for each other. If any of my brood do something naughty one of their pals is straight at the door to report the misdemeanour!

17 Off they go!
Off on an adventure!

​Of course I worry that they will hurt themselves but I have to balance that against the opportunity to learn that this freedom gives them. How will they know their limits if they never push their boundaries? How will they know what amazing things they are capable of if they don't have the chance to at least try? It is sad that so many children today live sedentary lives, glued to their games consoles and not exploring their surroundings.

We love to get out and about at the weekend and to explore our surroundings. We all pile into the car with the dog with no particular end game. it adds to the excitement when we don't have any set plans and see where our mood takes us.

64 Bouncing Belle
​Enjoying the great outdoors

Arts and crafts also play a large part in our lives. It is a great way to explore their creativity and to learn through play. I personally use paper craft and sewing as a way to express myself and to relax. There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you made the art on the wall or the bag your children is carrying. We like to do projects as a family and the children often have a part in any larger projects.

23 Will and Belle making pom poms
​ Making pom poms

Our next project is to start growing some vegetables for ourselves. It is very much a case of stabbing in the dark but we will have fun learning and discovering what works and what doesn't.

Life is very much for living and gaining new experiences. I would hate to look back in a few years time and say that we hadn't tried something out. Life is an adventure!

For more post from Life as we know it … check out her blog at LifeAsWeKnowIt

Friday, 2 May 2014

Two weeks to go

Till the start of the winter show circuit and most of us have colds, it’s wet and there are not many suitable places to rehearse!  The stress levels are rising in both the parents and the children!

We don’t have far to drive now to get to Gympie where we start our circuit competing at the Gympie show then the following day (Sunday) performing at the Gympie RSCPC Million Paws Walk.  


Chantel and Freya at the Million Paws Walk 2013

When it rains we often cannot train and travelling up the east coast there are not many free camps where we can pull up for a couple of days and set up the agility equipment!

I’m sure it will all work out, it always does.  I remember a few years back a few days before our first of the year show telling the girls that their routines needed a lot of work, in fact I just may or may not have told them that their routines sucked!  BUT on the day, they shone!  I know this year will be the same.

We did train/rehearse this week after spending time at the beach, when we found an amphitheatre.  Some of the locals/tourists enjoyed a free show.

HERE is our newest video :  Playtime at the beach with the Superdogs

Playing at the beach was a good stress reliever and the girls did well with the rehearsal, but need a bit of polishing before the first show in two weeks!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dragons and Devil Traps

I love to watch our children develop their own interests.  As they grow and develop so do their interests.  They seem to go through stages: three years ago it was MacGyver!  We bought the whole set and watched it over and over till we could quote it!  Our then 1 year old would hum along to the theme music!

Next they went through a stage of Stargate: SG1 and Atlantis.  We got good at quoting that one too!
Now we have two themes as the older ones move on past the “baby stuff”.  Current favourites are Supernatural and Dragons (How to train a dragon etc.).  I have been interested to see how these “fads” develop into their own educational activities.

The older girls have music videos they have made of Stargate,Supernatural and others, they have fan fiction, and computer artwork.

The younger guys have been drawing dragons (and getting quite good at it too), writing out instruction manuals of How to train a dragon after researching on the internet or just remembering it from the movie.


Gabrielle writes what she remembers from the movie


Jessica designs a book about the Boulder type of dragon


Chantel researches dragons on the computer

Below is some fan art, some by Jasmine and some by Jessica.




So are they learning?  YES! 

In the last week we have covered: reading, writing, researching, math, fitness (P.E.), geography, religion, languages other than English (LOTE), art and more. 

Another thing the youngest three wanted to do was to play Thawfest games.  So together we set up an obstacle course, a “barrel” race, a “sheep” lugging, and a “arrow” throw.  They had a blast!


“It’s a good day for lugging dog biscuits!”


Jireh navigates the “barrel” race.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rescue on the High Seas

We have been following the journey of Eric and Charlotte for a while now.  They have been preparing their boat SV Rebel Heart for a circumnavigation of the globe for several years.  Two weeks ago, they left the US heading eventually for New Zealand. 

Now, 1000 miles off the Mexican coast, with their boat suffering storm damage their little girl gets sick, critically sick.  They radioed for help and four members of the 129th Rescue Wing parachuted into the ocean, inflated a motorized boat and reached the 36-foot sailboat.  They administered first aid and the baby is now in a stable condition.  They are now awaiting the arrival of a navy frigate to rescue them.

This boat is the families home.  They will have to tag it and abandon it where it is, which is better than the other option of sinking it!

Before any of you naysayers post negative comments and crucify this family … the media have already done so.  What is life if we don’t take risks?  We can bubble wrap our children then they learn to fear the world.  We can take our children on seemingly reckless adventures (but with enough planning are not really reckless) and our children learn that whatever they dare to dream can be accomplished.

Another friend who “recklessly” took her two young sons from Alaska to Argentina by bike over a three year period wrote a blog about how life is a gamble and it doesn’t always go our way.  She articulates it much better than I can.  Read her blog here.

If you can find it in your heart to support this family you can do so by clicking on the picture below.


Monday, 24 March 2014


A few days ago, Mike and I were chatting about how much hungrier our daughters are when they spend time on the computer.  So I raised the hypothesis that playing on the computer makes one hungry!

I have watched for a few days; the more time they spent on the computer the hungrier they became!

Today, we took them out, went to the playground/dog park and when I asked them if they were hungry, they said no, not really!

So in conclusion, I’d say that we were right!  Playing on the computer makes one very hungry and on the flip side, being outside in nature makes you not so hungry. 


PS:  Just a little aside, we had lunch from the cafe today which may or may not have had an effect on our study!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Blayney Show Roundup

What a fun busy day it was at the Blayney show 2014!  The older girls always wake early on a show morning and insist that I get up and make coffee!  It was still cold and the grass wet with dew when we took them (the dogs) for a walk and gave them a brush.  By the time we got over to the first competition at around 10am everyone was shedding layers!
After filling in the paperwork, signing to say we would not sue the show society if something went wrong <insert rolling of the eyes> we went in search of some shade to wait for the rest of the competitors to be ready.
Finally our time for competing arrived, and the girls and the dogs did great!  As we watched the Best Tricks I was thinking to myself “Now if the judge is anything like me (which I hope she is) she’ll have Freya first, Sparkie second and Tess and Lassie third equal!  We had to wait till all classes had finished before waiting another 10 minutes for the judges to decide on winners.
Our patience was rewarded when the judges came over and awarded Freya a first, Sparkie and second and Tess and Lassie third equal!! 

Jasmine and Sparkie

Jessica and Tess

Chantel and Freya

Chana and Lassie

At 2.15pm we headed over for the dog high jump.  This is the first year the Blayney Show has run a dog high jump so we didn’t know what to expect.  We watched as they set it up and realised it was a vertical jump as apposed to one on a slight lean that becomes more of a dog scramble! 
The dogs have often competed in “dog scramble” so we were a bit nervous as to how they would perform with the vertical high jump.
It was blistering hot, and there were quite a few other dogs to run but it was worth it.  The dogs did great!  Freya was the first to give up, followed by Sparkie who decided it was too hot to jump (she was right!).  Tess and Lassie kept going, surprising everyone!  Finally it was down to Tess, Lassie and one other dog. Both Tess and Lassie cleared a height of 174 cm, but the other dog cleared a height of 202cm (a new record!)  So once again Tess and Lassie shared a place, this time a second place!
So the result table looks like this:

Sparkie: 2nd in Speed Sit, 2nd in Tricks.

Tess: 1st in Speed Sit.

Lassie: 3rd in Speed Sit, 3rd in Best Biscuit Catcher.

Freya: 1st in Tricks.

Tess and Lassie got 3rd equal in Tricks and 2nd equal in the High Jump.

Total ribbon haul: 10, and 16 bags of dog food!
There are lots more pictures on our Superdogs Facebook page.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Blayney Wind Farm and Carcoar Dam

Blayney wind farm is set up overlooking Carcoar Lake and Carcoar Dam.  The fifteen windmills were built in 2000 at the cost of $18 million and will reduce the Carbon Emissions by 400 000 tonnes over a 20 year period.

IMG_8171 IMG_8141

Although at the time of construction it was the largest wind farm in Australia is has now been superseded by several other wind farms as they increased in popularity during the 2000’s.


Carcoar Dam, built in 1970 is a great place to free camp.  With ample space, some with shade, a free BBQ and flushing toilets it makes a great place to check out the local areas such as Blayney, the historic town of Carcoar and as far afield as Bathurst and Orange.

From the camping area you can walk to the Dam wall and cross the two lane bride (with footpath) and explore the other side of the dam.





Water is continually released from the dam “for irrigation purposes” although we were told it actually is diverted to a gold mine.



Thursday, 6 March 2014

Closer to 50

Trigger Warning

Been thinking a lot about life lately; I think when you are closer to 50 than 40 you start to realise that if you want to do something in/with your life you better get on with it!

Three years ago, all was well with my world, then for the first time in Michael’s life he got asked to leave his job!  Not only was it his job that we lost at that time (Nov 2010) but also the house that we had just moved into 8 weeks previously.  We had made plans to stay with this job for a minimum of 18 months.  We’d talked about what we wanted to do, achieve while settled in one place.  Then, just out of the blue, and through no fault of our own, we were told we had 2 weeks to leave! 

Two weeks later, found us all packed back into the bus, and heading out on the road again feeling very dejected, lost and alone.  We had no direction, no desire to travel anywhere or do anything.  Oh and we were 4 months out from having a baby!

We drifted south to escape the heat and settled into a showgrounds with good rent and constant power, toilets and showers.  We once again had something to look forward to, we had a purpose. All was well again!

Then …. March 12, 2011 happened!  We welcomed our 8th child into this world at 9am and farewelled her at 10pm the same day.

Once again life was spinning out of my control.  We once again were drifting with no direction.  I tried to focus on keeping everyone together with some success.  I was falling apart though! 
For the next three years I have battled depression, looking for a direction for me, for my family.  I’d set goals, start out well for a day or two, then sink back down again feeling worse for not having been able to stick to what I wanted to do.

This year I have started listening to motivational speakers, like Zig Ziglar.  I have started reading motivational books.  I haven’t got back to the Bible yet, but I’m getting closer.  It is amazing how much better I feel.  I feel that I now have a purpose!  I have a direction!  I can be anything I want to be.  I feel a power within that I have not felt for a very long time.  I have started exercising again.  Started waking up and actually wanting to get out of bed!

I have set some goals, just short term goals, like, goals for tomorrow!  When I reach that goal it encourages me to set a goal for the next two days.  It’s just one small step at a time.  The last three years have passed me by, I’m glad I’m seeing that now.  As I get older, I can’t afford to have life pass me by any longer!  I plan to get up and take back what the devil has stolen from me.  Take back my life, and live the life I want to live.  Live the life I was destined to live!

Hold On

by Rapture Ruckus

CHORUS: [x2]
You Gotta Hold On
Help Is Coming
You Gotta Hold On
You Going To Make It Through The Rain
Through The Rain Through The Pain
Through The Fire And Flame
The Same Name I Cling To
The Same Name That Remains Forever
The Name Above All Names
Above Death And The Grave
The Name That Cures Cancer
And Gives Strength To The Lame
The Same Name That Came And Shattered My Chains
The Same Name That Will Come And Do The Same Again For You
He's Going To Come Through
Yes It's True
Jesus The Only Name That Will Pull You Through
'Cause He Said He'll Never Leave Us
Nor Forsake Us Man And That's The Only
Word You Need To Hold To
And You'll Never Be Lonely Homie
I Know I Ain't The Only Person Out There Hurting
Who's Flirted With Thought Of Ending It All
But Been Averted And I Know So Many Out There Who Have Had It Much Harder
They Got No Food In Their Bellies
Got No Mothers Or Fathers
So Many Questions Out There That Need Answers To But Even If It Comes Down To The Final Hour
Man He'll Still Come Through

If You're Waiting For A Miracle
You Gotta Hold On
You Gotta Make It Through The Rain
Bridge: [x2]
Through The Rain
Through The Flame
You Are The Name Above Every Name
Through The Rain
Through The Flame
Jesus The Name Above All Names

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Three Years On … Hang on!

(Trigger warning)
Almost three years ago we bought our 8th child into the world.  It was going to be a joyous occasion … but sadly she was born not breathing.  They revived her, got her heart beating, but there was no brain activity.  She spent 11 or her 13 hours hooked up to every tube and wire there was.
Me and Serenity hooked up
On consultation with the doctors who informed us that her heart was so weak that it could give out at any time, coupled with the fact that she had no brain activity we made the gut wrenching decision to remove life support. 
After removing all the wires and tubes, dressing her and wrapping her in a blanket we were all ushered into a small room where we could be a family of 10.  We all got to cuddle her and say our goodbyes.
Daddy, Chana, Suzie and SerenityChana with serenity

Family of 10

Now three years on ….
We are still a family of 10, but one is now forever with Jesus.  It is still not easy, it still hurts like xxxx, I still shed tears, the pain does not go away!  You learn to deal with the pain, you learn to work through the pain, you learn to live in the here and now; not the past or the future.  Not a day goes by where I do not think of her, wonder what life would be like if she were here now.  Wonder what would she be doing at three years of age.
I thought I’d never be able to pick up the pieces of my life and carry on.  I thought I’d never be able to look another new mother in the eye and say congratulations (that one is still hard).  I thought I’d never be able to smile again, never laugh again, and never live again.
But, I can!  It is a choice I make on a daily basis.  I have seven living children who need me here and now.  I want to be there for them, in the here and now.  I choose to smile, I choose to laugh and I choose to live again.
I’ll never forget Serenity and the way she changed our lives in such a short time.  I carried her for 9 months on the inside, enjoying the kicks and movements.  I held her for two short hours on the outside, bathing myself in her sweet smell her beauty.  All too soon she was gone.  Our lives will never be the same.  We know tragedy, we know death … but we also know we are strong, and we can get back up again and carry on.
With Jesus forever 

Hang on

 by Michael Whitaker Smith;Wesley Ivan King;Matthew Bronleewe
I'm so stubborn, it's how I got here
So alone, feels like forever
Wanna swim away and breath the open air
But I feel so afraid, then I hear you say
Hang on when the water is rising
Hang on when the waves are crashing
Hang on, just don't ever let go
I'm so hungry, how can I stay here?
Starving for what I hold so dear
Like a hurricane it takes everything from me
Wake me from this dream
Hang on when the water is rising
Hang on when the waves are crashing
Hang on, just don't ever let go
Hang on when you are barely breathing
Hang on when your heart's still beating
Hang on, just don't ever let go
Three days, thirty years
So hopeless, doesn't matter
Don't say it's too late if you blink your eyes
The sun is rising, the sun is rising, oh
Hang on when the water is rising
Hang on when the waves are crashing
Hang on, just don't ever let go
Hang on when you're barely breathing
Hang on when your heart's still beating
Hang on, just don't ever let go