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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rescue on the High Seas

We have been following the journey of Eric and Charlotte for a while now.  They have been preparing their boat SV Rebel Heart for a circumnavigation of the globe for several years.  Two weeks ago, they left the US heading eventually for New Zealand. 

Now, 1000 miles off the Mexican coast, with their boat suffering storm damage their little girl gets sick, critically sick.  They radioed for help and four members of the 129th Rescue Wing parachuted into the ocean, inflated a motorized boat and reached the 36-foot sailboat.  They administered first aid and the baby is now in a stable condition.  They are now awaiting the arrival of a navy frigate to rescue them.

This boat is the families home.  They will have to tag it and abandon it where it is, which is better than the other option of sinking it!

Before any of you naysayers post negative comments and crucify this family … the media have already done so.  What is life if we don’t take risks?  We can bubble wrap our children then they learn to fear the world.  We can take our children on seemingly reckless adventures (but with enough planning are not really reckless) and our children learn that whatever they dare to dream can be accomplished.

Another friend who “recklessly” took her two young sons from Alaska to Argentina by bike over a three year period wrote a blog about how life is a gamble and it doesn’t always go our way.  She articulates it much better than I can.  Read her blog here.

If you can find it in your heart to support this family you can do so by clicking on the picture below.


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