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So glad you have found us. We are a nomadic family of 9 travelling Australia with our six daughters, and our one son and forever missing our precious daughter Serenity who went to be with Jesus at 13 hours old on 12 March 2011. Her short life has changed our lives forever! As we travel we perform at shows, festivals and fundraisers with our dogs, help out on farms and also sell handmade woodcraft, dog collars, leads and capes. We are also doTERRA wellness advocates. Follow our joys and trials here.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Fun Times

After the Wallumbilla Show we drove to Gympie.  Of all the places in Australia Gympie is the most like home for us.  It’s where our storage shed is that contains all our worldly possessions!

On our drive from Roma to Gympie we passed through 11 road works where teams were fixing the roads after the summer floods.  At one point it took us 2 hours to get 100k’s!!









After putting some stuff into storage we headed to the Gympie Showgrounds for the Gympie Show which is always the highlight of the year for the girls.

This year they took home 13 ribbons!  Girls and dogs did so well reflecting all the work they have put in to training in the last year.


Gympie show

While in Gympie we caught up with some kiwi friends where the girls had a great time in tearing up the lawn in their buggy!









Monday, 7 May 2012

Wallumbilla Show 2012

Very successful day at the show today … the girls and dogs did awesomely!  It was Sambo’s first show appearance (he is 9 mths old), he was very nervous to start with so we did lots of heel walking to relieve his tension.  It must have worked as he was very focused on his tricks and did well.

We did three different shows throughout the day.  Tonight everyone is tried but happy! 

Next up, competing at the Gympie Show then … who knows!!

IMG_9147Chana, Lassie, Jessica, Tess, Sparkie, Jasmine, Chantel, Sambo
























IMG_9326Fireworks to finish the night!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Birthday to Miss 12!


Chantel was born 1st May 2000!  I was booked for a c-section on May 5 as the doc was sure I wouldn’t go into labour sooner!  Chantel was a breech baby and after 2 previous c-sections it was considered best to do a repeat section.

Around mid afternoon on 1st May my waters broke!  A quick trip to hospital and they prepped me for an emergency section.

To cut a long story short … when the opened me up they found a large mass which later tested positive for cancer!

Two weeks later I was in having Chemo!  It was a huge roller coaster ride!  After round three of chemo and a diet change I declared myself cancer free!!  Well I stopped chemo!  Continued testing for about a year with no signs of the disease!  Praise God!!


IMG_8867Watching on as Jasmine lights all but one candle that Chantel said she wanted to light!  I feel a new tradition coming on!!

IMG_8869Chantel lighting the last candle!  Wow 12 candles on her cake!

We are so thrilled to have Chantel in our family!  She is a delight with her sense of humour and sensitive heart.  When she was born the doctor said it was “remarkable that she was well”!!  She sure is one remarkable girl!