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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Dragons and Devil Traps

I love to watch our children develop their own interests.  As they grow and develop so do their interests.  They seem to go through stages: three years ago it was MacGyver!  We bought the whole set and watched it over and over till we could quote it!  Our then 1 year old would hum along to the theme music!

Next they went through a stage of Stargate: SG1 and Atlantis.  We got good at quoting that one too!
Now we have two themes as the older ones move on past the “baby stuff”.  Current favourites are Supernatural and Dragons (How to train a dragon etc.).  I have been interested to see how these “fads” develop into their own educational activities.

The older girls have music videos they have made of Stargate,Supernatural and others, they have fan fiction, and computer artwork.

The younger guys have been drawing dragons (and getting quite good at it too), writing out instruction manuals of How to train a dragon after researching on the internet or just remembering it from the movie.


Gabrielle writes what she remembers from the movie


Jessica designs a book about the Boulder type of dragon


Chantel researches dragons on the computer

Below is some fan art, some by Jasmine and some by Jessica.




So are they learning?  YES! 

In the last week we have covered: reading, writing, researching, math, fitness (P.E.), geography, religion, languages other than English (LOTE), art and more. 

Another thing the youngest three wanted to do was to play Thawfest games.  So together we set up an obstacle course, a “barrel” race, a “sheep” lugging, and a “arrow” throw.  They had a blast!


“It’s a good day for lugging dog biscuits!”


Jireh navigates the “barrel” race.

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