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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Blayney Show Roundup

What a fun busy day it was at the Blayney show 2014!  The older girls always wake early on a show morning and insist that I get up and make coffee!  It was still cold and the grass wet with dew when we took them (the dogs) for a walk and gave them a brush.  By the time we got over to the first competition at around 10am everyone was shedding layers!
After filling in the paperwork, signing to say we would not sue the show society if something went wrong <insert rolling of the eyes> we went in search of some shade to wait for the rest of the competitors to be ready.
Finally our time for competing arrived, and the girls and the dogs did great!  As we watched the Best Tricks I was thinking to myself “Now if the judge is anything like me (which I hope she is) she’ll have Freya first, Sparkie second and Tess and Lassie third equal!  We had to wait till all classes had finished before waiting another 10 minutes for the judges to decide on winners.
Our patience was rewarded when the judges came over and awarded Freya a first, Sparkie and second and Tess and Lassie third equal!! 

Jasmine and Sparkie

Jessica and Tess

Chantel and Freya

Chana and Lassie

At 2.15pm we headed over for the dog high jump.  This is the first year the Blayney Show has run a dog high jump so we didn’t know what to expect.  We watched as they set it up and realised it was a vertical jump as apposed to one on a slight lean that becomes more of a dog scramble! 
The dogs have often competed in “dog scramble” so we were a bit nervous as to how they would perform with the vertical high jump.
It was blistering hot, and there were quite a few other dogs to run but it was worth it.  The dogs did great!  Freya was the first to give up, followed by Sparkie who decided it was too hot to jump (she was right!).  Tess and Lassie kept going, surprising everyone!  Finally it was down to Tess, Lassie and one other dog. Both Tess and Lassie cleared a height of 174 cm, but the other dog cleared a height of 202cm (a new record!)  So once again Tess and Lassie shared a place, this time a second place!
So the result table looks like this:

Sparkie: 2nd in Speed Sit, 2nd in Tricks.

Tess: 1st in Speed Sit.

Lassie: 3rd in Speed Sit, 3rd in Best Biscuit Catcher.

Freya: 1st in Tricks.

Tess and Lassie got 3rd equal in Tricks and 2nd equal in the High Jump.

Total ribbon haul: 10, and 16 bags of dog food!
There are lots more pictures on our Superdogs Facebook page.

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