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Monday, 20 June 2011

Move on or I'll call the council or the police!

Is it the size of the RV (38 ft), the number of children (7), the number of dogs (3) that make people ask us to leave?  Twice this week we've been asked to move on.  The first time we were in a free camp area where we had been told last year that you could stay for up to a week.  We arrived in late Friday, set up the awning on Saturday morning and prepared to stay for the weekend!  Later that morning someone official came and told us they had a complaint that our dogs had barked and annoyed someone who was walking.  Sure two of our over friendly dogs had run up to a couple but they'd returned to us when we called them!  The official then added that this was only an overnight stop! 

We got them to allow us to stay for Saturday night as well.  It was annoying though as there is nowhere in this area that you can stay free for more than 24 hours!

On to today .... we were parked on council land doing our washing at the laundromat.   There is a netball court there too and a playground.  We were parked next to the playground.  Soon enough the netball supervisor came over and without as much as a good day or a smile told us we'd have to move as they had a netball game on and needed all the parking!  She even said if we didn't move she'd call the council or the police to move us on!!  I told her we were waiting for our washing.  "You have to move by four o'clock!"

I came inside and found the phone number for the local council and rang them and asked if she had the right to tell us to move and would they come and move us on.   To cut a long story short ... she had no right to tell us to move and the council would not move us on!  We moved anyway as we don't like to cause a kerfuffle in the community!!

It seems to happen a lot on the east coast ... go just west of the dividing range and they welcome travellers.  Can't wait to be done in this town!

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