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So glad you have found us. We are a nomadic family of 9 travelling Australia with our six daughters, and our one son and forever missing our precious daughter Serenity who went to be with Jesus at 13 hours old on 12 March 2011. Her short life has changed our lives forever! As we travel we perform at shows, festivals and fundraisers with our dogs, help out on farms and also sell handmade woodcraft, dog collars, leads and capes. We are also doTERRA wellness advocates. Follow our joys and trials here.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Light at the end of the tunnel

Sometimes the tunnel can be extremely long but there is always a light at the end.


This lifestyle of travel is an interesting one; you get time to think!  Thinking can be dangerous! 

Roll back the calendar about 2 years … we’d recently lost a very precious and much wanted baby daughter, Serenity.  As a family we were reeling with the shock.  Grief affects everyone differently.  Some of us just wanted to be depressed; some of us wanted to do something different; some of us just wanted our old life back! 

One day, while camping in Goomeri, Jasmine and I went to buy some food and noticed a sign on the shop window about a festival coming up and that they were looking for entertainers.  I knew Jasmine wanted to perform, but was not sure that the timing was right!  We sent off an email anyway and when they emailed back they festival was keen to have us!  So the Superdog Trick Show now had it’s first public performance!

Preparing for this performance gave us all a much needed focus and the show went well and was a success.

After this there was not much to look forward to, and not knowing how to get any more performances we drifted.   We picked up one or two shows the following year, but is was very slow going with not much positive response to our emails. 

This year, we decided to push things along a bit by emailing some different agricultural shows. We decided to focus on the smaller, inland country shows and hey presto! we had success! 

At the show in Winton, QLD we met another performer (Roy Maloy) who has been in the entertainment industry for many years.  He gave us a few pointers and most of all believed in us!  It is amazing how having someone who believes that what you are doing is actually ok, can boost the confidence of the whole family. 

We now have a fresh focus, a fresh determination to be the best Dog Trick Show you will ever see.  The girls (who are the trainers) have been inspired with confidence that what they are doing is worth it.  That they can and have performed well and that the audience loves it!

So the light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter!


  1. Wonderful round up Sarah and great results!

  2. So wonderful to see the way your family is evolving into this new and exciting phase. Maybe one day they'll perform at a show near us and we can cheer them on! I know this doesn't mean forgetting Serenity, but it means embracing joy and new beginnings. She will be forever loved.


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