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Friday, 11 January 2013

Removing The Heater Boxes

Four years ago we bought our bus off Busways in Wyong, NSW. We asked if they could remove some seats and the heater boxes.  When we arrived to pick it up, they’d removed the wrong seats and neither of the heater boxes!

A year or so ago we attempted to remove them only to have coolant all over the floor! We quickly put them back together and cleaned up the mess and put it in the too hard basket!

After spending some time thinking about the project, following the fluid lines from the radiator we tried again with success this time.

We turned off the stop cock conveniently located at the start of the radiator outlet, cut the hose with a bit to spare, turned it over and secured it with a zip tie.


Inside we undid the bolts, one heater box came undone easily (the one we’d previously attempted to remove) and the other requiring a lot more sweat!  This time there were only a few dribbles of radiator coolant on the floor!


The coolant was still dripping after the stop cock had been turned off and the hose turned over so we went to the local hardware store and for $1.40 bought two bungs for the end of the hose – problem solved!


The man who did all the work – and cleaned up his mess!!





  <--- Daddy’s helper!

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  1. Great work Michael you are a dab hand at all these little fix it jobs. You are an indispensable part of a great team. More grease to your elbows.
    Thanks Sarah for sharing.


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