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So glad you have found us. We are a nomadic family of 9 travelling Australia with our six daughters, and our one son and forever missing our precious daughter Serenity who went to be with Jesus at 13 hours old on 12 March 2011. Her short life has changed our lives forever! As we travel we perform at shows, festivals and fundraisers with our dogs, help out on farms and also sell handmade woodcraft, dog collars, leads and capes. We are also doTERRA wellness advocates. Follow our joys and trials here.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Missing posts

If you are wondering where certain posts have gone ...

Recently we have been the subject of people who feel the need to attact the choices of others.  While we like to be open and honest on our blog, to save my family from being torn to shreeds via these people I have removed some of our posts.  I hope to be able to put them back up at some stage.

Not only have we been criticized violently we have also had our blog reproduced by someone else.  Google has since removed the copy.

I'm sorry people feel the need to attack someones life choices.  I hold no malice towards them only sadness.  Our life is our life, your life is your life.  We live life to the best of our abliltiy, making the best choices we can using the information we have.  In retrospect some of our choices may not have been the best - we have more/different information now. 

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. So very sorry that you are getting less than nice comments. Have you thought about taking away your comments for the time being but leaving up the blog posts?
    Its sad that people think its ok to hurt others, but then again they must have a sad life to be doing that.
    There has a been a few times where my blog posts where taken the wrong way and I had a few nasty comments ~ I deleted them.
    Life is a journey, and we all travel through it differently yet we all have the same - a heart and feelings that can get hurt.
    My thoughts are with you. This is your blog, this is your life and this is how you live it. Be proud of who you are xx
    Love reading your blog posts and about your adventures with travelling/homeschooling/free range kids xxx


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