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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

And Now She is 10!



10 years ago I was anxiously awaiting the birth of our 4th child.  Having had three c-section births, a brush with cancer I was determined to prove all the medical people wrong and have a natural birth!

We found a supportive obstetrician, told her our plan and thought it was all fine.  About 4 weeks before our due date this supposedly supportive Ob told us that we needed to have a c-section!  That she had never realised we were planning a natural birth and could I please come to a booking in appt on such and such a date!!  Um … no I cannot come!!

We rang and cancelled the appt and told the nurse to not reschedule another one!

To cut a long story short … Chana was born naturally, in water, at Hamilton Hospital, NZ!  They do allow VBAC, despite what they will tell you!!


We had a nice brunch at the Tyto Wetlands in Ingham.  Unfortunately it was too windy to light the candles!  We got one to light for a couple of seconds – just long enough for Chana to blow it out with the help of the wind!


When everyone had stuffed themselves with party food we headed down the broad walk to enjoy the view from the 11 meter  tower.













The TYTO Wetlands is a great place to run off the calories in the food!













Chana, Suzanna, Gabrielle and Jireh taking a rest on a seat conveniently placed on the broad walk







The view from the top of the 11 meter tower


The tower


Gabrielle enjoying the view!



Another thing that made Chana’s day special was

a phone call from her cousin Abigail.


Here is one of Chana’s latest jokes that she loves to make up.  She is always playing with words and makes us laugh at her jokes.

“What do you say to a cat who won’t come when it’s called?”

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk and shake your head”





  1. Picture of Chana on phone is a very beautiful shot!
    Loved reading about your celebrations, wish I could have been there to share the cake n fizz.
    Amazing tower n walkway too.

    1. We would have loved to have you here to big Sis and would have gladly shared the cake and fizz with ya!


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