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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our Week

Been a busy week!  With our bus registered in Queensland, every year we have to take it for a machinery check.  It’s always a bit of a concern as to what they are going to find!  Every year they find something – mostly minor, like windscreen washers not working!  This year we were pleased to hear – nothing needs fixing right away!  There are a couple of things coming up before next year so we’ll have to plan that into the budget!  All the rust work that Mike has done paid off as last year they told us it was becoming an issue and this time they didn’t mention it!

After our early-for-us start we stopped off at the playground to let the family run there excess energy off!

Jireh found the water fountain (called a bubbler here in Aussie) and had a lot of fun experimenting with how to actually get the water in his mouth!

Back “home” the younger three are enjoying riding their bikes.  Suzanna has recently taken off her trainer wheels and is now enjoying her new freedom!



Gabrielle loves to race on her bike … and she gets quite a speed up!




Suzanna gaining confidence!




Jireh doing his best to keep up with his sisters!


While the “little guys” are enjoying their bikes the “older guys” are having fun with their dogs.  Last weekend the local pony club set up for a Gymkhana but then unfortunately got rained out!  The girls have enjoyed the jumps though taking the opportunity to do some agility and flyball training with the dogs!



Sambo taking the jump!




Lassie stepping out in style!




Tess low flying over the flyball jumps!




Sparkie eager for the ball!



Who said puppies could not see?  This is the first time the puppies put themselves in colour co-ordinated piles!  OCD much!


The puppies are two weeks old today … eyes are open, they are almost “walking” and won’t be long before they start climbing out of the whelping box!  Not sure I’m looking forward to that!  I told the girls before they got Lassie pregnant that “puppies” were spelled “w-o-r-k” and yesterday I asked Jasmine how did she think puppies would be spelled once they stared running round and she said, “Extra w-o-r-k!”  I think she’s right!

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  1. Thanks for sharing again. Good to hear that you are up n running for another year at least, as far as the bus goes.
    Puppies are growing fast too n so cute looking.
    Top marks to Jireh for toilet training himself too.
    Hugs all round.


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