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Saturday, 24 March 2012


So my Nephew is starring in a new film called Absolution … it started me thinking about what this word means … so I looked it up …



1.  act of absolving; a freeing from blame or guilt; release from consequences, obligations, or penalties.

2.  state of being absolved.

3.  Roman Catholic Theology .

a. a remission of sin or of the punishment for sin, made by a priest in the sacrament of penance on the ground of authority received from Christ.

b. the formula declaring such remission.

4. Protestant Theology . a declaration or assurance of divine forgiveness to penitent believers, made after confession of sins.

It started me thinking about parenting and how we can either forgive our children or absolve them.  If Jesus is the pattern we are following … he didn’t just forgive us our sins He absolved them when he died on the cross.  We are freed from blame and guilt.  We are released from consequences, obligations and penalties when we ask for His forgiveness.

We have made it a principle in our family for many years, that if a child tells us the truth then they are freed from blame and guilt!  Taking it a step further … children don’t need us to add a punishment when they come to us asking for forgiveness.  The obviously already feel guilt for what they have done! We can show them Jesus by freeing them from that guilt.  Absolution!! 

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