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Friday, 3 February 2012

New Windows!!

So after getting our windows smashed with a rock we now have new windows!  We got a price for glass – $815 fitted!  Unbelievable!  Next they gave us a price for Perspex ….. drum roll please …. $215 and we fit it!!!  Now that was doable!

We had templates already made up for the corners which made it much easier!  After thinking about how we would fix it we decided to start with the big window … only to find they had cut it too short!!  Change of plan, we will now start with the drivers window!
Front window done ... just need to peel off the paper
It all went in easily!  The glass place delivered the right sized piece this morning and it’s all done and dusted!

There were plenty of helpers!
Ya got to concentrate!
Measure twice and cut once
Does it measure up?

Movie yet to be uploaded
Pulling off the backing
Putting in the window rubbers
Making sure it's all done right

I was helping really!
So that is another skill to add to our ever growing list of things we have learned to do while fitting out the bus!  We are also very thankful that no-one was hurt in the “rock attack”.  It would have been too easy for them to have chosen another window to have broken and had a very different outcome.

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  1. Great job! Really love the photo of you n Mike on the top of your blog page. You look so happy Sarah!


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